The University won a case filed in the High Court by Ms. Cherono Gladys, who sought for a declaration that the she entitled to be awarded a Certificate in Human Resource and academic transcripts from University of Nairobi, as she had successfully completed that course and based on that was admitted for and awarded a Diploma in the same course after completion. She contended that the University had violated her constitutional rights and sought to be compensated in the form of general damages to be computed as court would direct for violation of the above mentioned rights.

The University’s defense was that she was not eligible for the certificate course in Human Resource Management and her admission for the course was irregular. The minimum requirement for admission was a mean grade of C- (Minus) but she had a mean grade of D+ (Plus), which was duly communicated to her.

The court observed that from onset the Petitioner knew that she was not eligible for the course of Certificate in Human Resource Management and knew the conditions attached for admission at the University of Nairobi and the University explained to her reasons why she was not being issued with the Certificate thus she failed to prove her case against the University and dismissed the Petition with no orders as to cost.

For a further reading of the case, click here Cherono Gladys –Vs- The University of Nairobi

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