The University won a case filed against it by Mr. Waweru Edwin Thini, a former student, who was expelled from the University for Examination Malpractice. He sought an order for declaration that the proceedings carried out by the University’s College Disciplinary Committee were, unfair, unprocedural and unconstitutional thus illegal and null and void.

The University in its defense affirmed that Waweru Edwin Thini had indeed engaged in exam malpractices and had been afforded fair hearing during disciplinary hearings.

Hon. J. A Makau observed that “It would breed chaos and absurdity at educational institutions to expect that an external body would step in and take command of the institutional disciplinary matters with regard to students. No doubt that unpunished instances of examination irregularity at the University would produce incompetent personnel, erode the integrity as its examinations and quality of its graduates to its great prejudice. It is therefore in the public interest that the quality of the  University’s graduates should be maintained at the highest attainable level and irregularity should always be rewarded with the highest punishment to discourage graduates from falling into temptation of cheating”.

The court held that the lacked merit and advised him to exhaust alternate dispute Resolution mechanisms by prosecuting his pending appeal before the Senate Disciplinary committee.

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