Brief History

The history of University Legal & Corporate Board Services Office can be traced from mid 1980s’ when a wide range of legal functions at the University were performed and managed with the Administration Division under the Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Administration & Finance).Since then, the Legal Office has grown in tandem with the University in the execution of wide range of balanced Corporate Legal and Secretarial duties and responsibilities between soft and hard law, the architectural (upstream) and mechanical (downstream) , substance to respond to University’s and stakeholders needs.

The University formally established the office and position of a legal officer in 1993 on realization that the value addition and need for having a lawyer and a well defined legal office in the University system.

The need for a more clearly defined legal office was seen as early as 1999 when University was planning for restructuring of its functions and staff recruitment. In July 2003, a committee was appointed to review the current structure of the University legal office and the office has since evolved and grown by the day and continues to be to date.

The office currently deals with Corporate Legal and Secretarial matters including: Constitution and Administrative Law, general litigation, labour and industrial matters, intellectual property, commercial, secretarial services, integrity, conveyance, contractual, elections, disciplinary and consultancies matters in the best interest of the university and stakeholders.

Heads of the Legal Office of the University since its establishment:








Zachary K. Ngare

Senior Assistant Registrar                   





Rebecca M. Ngondo 

Chief Legal Officer




Tim Mweseli

Chief Legal Officer                               





CS. Fredrick Collins Omondi        

Director, Legal & Corporate Board Services

June 2019                        

To Date


The Legal & Corporate Board Services Office will continue setting University’s Legal and Corporate Boardl Services by harnessing the capacity of staff and business of Law and Secretarial Services to the University Community and Stakeholders.


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