Varsity Student Disciplinary Committee Sensitized by Senior Counsel - Fred Ngatia.
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Mon, 2017-03-20 08:56

Varsity Student Disciplinary Committee Sensitized by Senior Counsel.

University of Nairobi staff from the six colleges and Central Administration have been sensitized on issues relating to student disciplinary cases. The training was done on Friday, by Senior Counsel, Fred Ngatia.

Speaking during the session, Mr.  Ngatia, stressed the importance of having correspondence to students via email communications as it serves as evidence. In the past, the University has been communicating to students via newspapers which was faulted as some students don’t have access to the newspapers because of the costs implications.

Staff members were also urged to solve disciplinary cases within 10 days like in happens in universities across Europe and United States of America. The disciplinary cases at the moment can drag for over 60 days.

To solve cases amicably, staff members were urged to have water tight evidence, as verbal evidence can be refuted.  “The courts now accept digital evidence, please make use of technology in getting evidence”, noted Fred Ngatia as he urged disciplinary committee members to embrace technology in getting evidence.

In resolving disciplinary cases, the Disciplinary Committee makes a decision, which is then presented to the University Senate and then to the Vice-Chancellor. The student then faces the consequences of his or her actions which can be suspension or expulsion.

Fred Ngatia as well urged the University Management to deal firmly with goons as they affect the good image and brand of the University of Nairobi. The committee were told of the adverse effects of losing cases against goons and criminal students in the eyes of other students.

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Students Affairs, urged staff members to take into account the issues raised by Senior Counsel, in their bid to improve disciplinary cases.

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