32nd Monthly UoN Central Corruption Prevention Committee Meeting - May 7 2015
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Date and time: 
Thu, 2015-05-07 11:28
Location / Venue: 

Council Chamber

The University Central Corruption Prevention Committee held its 32nd Monthly Meeting on Thursday, May 7 2015 at the Council Chamber. The chairman took the opportunity to welcome the newly appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration and Finance) Prof. Bernard N. K. Njoroge to the committee. He brought to the attention of members the need for every staff member and management to take integrity matters serious as there were concerns raised on the status of facilities at the Students Welfare Authority that were in appalling status. The chairman reiterated that time was nigh for the heads of departments to ensure that normal working time is adhered to by everyone. He took issue with claims for overtime and urged heads of department to take charge and ensure there is accountability in terms of time, resources and ranks.

The chairman brought to the attention of members that confidential information was being leaked everywhere by staff members and this was a great concern and urged members to examine their conscious on the same.

It was noted that majority of academic staff members had complied with the directive to complete their respective self-declaration forms. A new vetting instrument was developed as guided by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on Staff Suitability for Employment and every staff member will be required to complete this vetting instrument and the same forwarded to the Vice-Chancellor’s Office by June 15 2015 without fail. Any staff members who defaults shall have his/her name struck off from the payroll without any further reference to the said staff member(s).

The was urged to ensure that he cracks the whip on erratic drivers who misuse university vehicles and who come to work drunk without observing the Staff Code of Conduct and Ethics. The Disposal Committee was tasked to look into the Transport Section as related to disposal of old motor vehicles at the University garage. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) was co-opted as a member.

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