Internal Quality Audit for the Legal Office - April 29 2015
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Date and time: 
Wed, 2015-04-29 18:20
Location / Venue: 

Legal Office, Central Administration, Main Campus

The Internal Quality Audit for the Legal Office was conducted on Wednesday, April 29 2015 by Mr. Leonard Musyoka, the Lead Auditor. In attendance during the audit that was conducted in the Legal Office included the Chief Legal Officer, the Senior Legal Officer, the Administrator and the Legal Assistant respectively.

The Internal Audit was a follow up to the to the previous internal quality audit that was conducted on March 6 2015 and which audit identified Seven (7) positive observations, Four (4) areas of concern and One (1) Minor non-comformity. It was on the basis of the outstanding non-conformities that necessitated the current internal audit to verify whether the indentified non-conformities had been addressed fully.

It was observed that the Legal Office assets and equipmenmt had been labelled appropriately, staff job descriptions were available and customer feedback data was well captured and properly analyzed. However, a non-conformity of inadequate space identified in previous audits was still recurring and had not been addressed. The Lead Auditor indicated that the same would be taken up by the Management Representative (MR) to ensure that the same was adequately addressed to the satisfaction of the user department.

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Sun, 2018-04-29 18:20
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Chief Legal Officer